Listen with Your Soul ♥

Finally i got this Photobook ><

i don’t have time to take a picture of it so i use the original image ~ hahahahaha~

“Listen with Your Soul” < this Kyu’s photobook finally arrive into my hand.

I have searched for it since last year,

but what’s a pity, it already sold out and out of stock TT____TT

Listen with Your Soul was the last piece to complete my Book’s board in my room

Kyuhyun fansite make this project

i think the title was inspired by his song Liten To u > ost Pasta ~


Before, I have Jungsoo, Heenim, Ryeowook, Siwonnie, and Sungminie

Still not complete perfectly, i still need Jong Woon and Hyukjae

But when i ask them, they said for now on….

they don’t have a plan to make Jong woon’s book



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