F4 Joseon ~ Rooftop Prince

I only watch 5 Korean Drama in my whole life.

First is Endless Love, Glass shoes, Playfull Kiss, Protect the Boss and the last is Rooftop Prince. But the only drama i watch twice is RTP. I give this drama 4.5 from 5

#. Story
The plot of this drama is clear and strong, especially at the beginning and the end of the story. I like the concept of time travel from the Joseon era, where time travel itself plays an important role to ‘repair the destiny’.

Plot of reincarnation itself is quite acceptable. Each episode was solid, and the development of the story is quite dynamic. Although in the middle of the episode, feels a bit corny. I also like the funny scenes and the romance between Lee Gak and Park  Ha. So sweet …! Emotions really churning, can make people smile and laugh with funny characters, and also ry because there are touching moments ….

#. Music
The main song sung by Korean drama OST queen, Baek Ji Young. Awful, sad and warm … There are also male version of this song, and feels is really capture the emotions of the main character … After A Long Time ..!
Hurt from Ali also very heartbreaking. There is also an upbeat song, Happy Ending from Jay Park, usually appear when the scene cheerful.

#. Humor
Humor that appears in this film feels natural …. Prince and three of his aides did not mean to be funny, but their naivete when faced with a wide range of modern phenomenon make us laugh. When they begin to adapt to anything, there are still little things that look funny.

#. Character
Each character has a strong characterization, acting of the players also contribute to make the characters become lovable (for the protagonist) or super annoying (for the antagonist). It’s easy to sympathize with Park Ha and F3 Joseon.  Lee Gak, super funny and sweet, even the grim-looking Official Wu also appeared with a cute side. And Lee Gak ? Whoa, make love … He looks dignified, elegant, but he also turned out to be silly and romantic … A 1001 expressions!

#. Ending
Even though many expressed dissatisfaction because of the multi-interpretative ending, for me it satisfying ending …. I’m sucker for bittersweet ending story, it seems.

For the better expect the ending, you still could interpret that the Tae Yong has a memory as Lee Gak,  the way he put his hands behind his words when he met Park Ha, “Why are you so late? I’ve been waiting for a long time, ” and when they hold hands, the Tae Yong was turned into Lee Gak ..

It’s not just my opinion anyway,  Lee Gak is dead (if appropriate history, Lee Gak died young) .. But the meeting, between Park Ha and tae Yong was once also described the love of Bu Yong and Lee Gak , even a hundreds of years have passed, Their feeling are still there …Like the most sweetest Quote in this drama….“Even 300 years Have passed…i will Still Love you”

To be honest,  I did not really familiar with Yoochun XD , because i’m not a fan of DBSK / TVXQ / JYJ. The first time watching, I think Yoochun is a pure actor. And beside, his appearance in this drama is not really reflects the image of Korean idol ~ LOL ~ ( we can tell clearly the diffrent feel which one is Idol who become an actor and Original Actor ) But after i finish this drama, I had been looking for JYJ and DBSK MV ~ hahahahaha~ oh and also All Yoochun’s CF etc and i download all JY song ~ XD ~

… Geez ..first is a little bit strange to see the prince dancing … But he was cool ! Talented people are so mean!

credit : http://delicate-archetype.blogspot.com/2012/06/rooftop-prince-daebak.html


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