My Friends ask me to make this for her

so i make the simple doll

The size is smaller that the usual

it’s easier for me to made it and didn’t take to much time 🙂

She’s big fan of Kyu-Wook Couple

Before she already have 3 Wook- and 1 Kyu doll

So this time she order 3 Kyu-doll and 1 wook doll

” I want make them 1 set XD “

ahahahahah~ but also..she PAY me for this $___$ ~ LOL ~


One thought on “2.09.2011

  1. you are a true talented artist! seeing your dolls absolutely amaze me! 😀

    are you selling these? because i will buy from you~~ i am a very big super junior fan! and donghae is my bias lol but yeah let me know? your work is truly AMAZING!!


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