manga manhwa manhua

i was kind of thinking it would be fun to talk about the 3 different art style of anime


There is only one book on drawing manhwa and billion book of manga.

What i know manhwa is a cross between american and anime style of art.

manhua is more of anime and realish artwork.

manga has a bit of cartoon style.

all three are different but all three are known as anime which is asian art.

But manga,manhwa,manhua could be the only art style in asia.

But you don’t need to be chinese or Japananese or korean to draw it ~ XD ~

For reading i like MANGA ~ LOL ~

Vut for artwork, I think the koreans are doing it better.

The art is more grounded-The characters are just much better proportioned. There are more indications of background. It tends to look more professional, while many manga’s look ameteur/lazy to me.


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