Basic Cow Phone-standing Tutorial


2 thoughts on “Basic Cow Phone-standing Tutorial

  1. This is the first time i discover your art work!
    they are magnificent!
    anyways, i discovered that you sell t-shirts but do you sell these miniture figures too?
    if you do please send me a email of the websites which you sell it on!
    oh, and i don’t know korean currency since i live over in america. do you ship there or accept payments in US Dollars?
    If you don’t sell anything, i think you should start because a lot of people would buy them!
    I Just told all of my friends of your website when i discovered it. Keep making them! I Look forward to future pieces that you make.

    • i sell the minifigures too >< but i don't have a website that sell all of it
      all my friend just request their order by email 🙂
      i accept payment with US dollar too, shipping all over the world XD

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