Mr. Simple MV

Sorry i don’t know what hyukkie use as pants TT__TT….

so i make it with long jeans in dark color

i think in Mr. Simple, Hyukkie concept is the best !

doesn’t mean that the other is not good, but i think 8 from 10 people will say YES

if i ask them who is the most memorable member in Mr SImple 🙂

Since when this kid grow up like this

in twins, U, don’t Don, Sorry Sorry, Bonamana and no Mr. Simple

He’s not the most adorable in his group

Her dance maybe no.1 but it just useful when u see him dance

But in MV, Photo, etc we just see “face”

But Hyukie is special don’t u think ?

I’m not his bias, but i admit that he have “something” that make people can’t neglect him

He have “idol” aura >< LOL ~

Eunhyuk is a proof

that u don’t need to have good looking face to Shine on the stage

like Mr Simple Lyric…

” Go Mr Simple, mr Simple….u are beautiful just the way u are”


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