The Oldest ELF I meet was Donghae’s fans

in the first, really, i never imagine i can get special offer for VVIP tix in Malaysia. Last year i seat on L5, on the right side of the stage 5 row from front. And yesterday, i seat on VVIP arena, 2 row from front, and u can imagine how near i was with the boys when the concert start >M<

If in Singapore Heechul and Yesung is 2 person who amazed me, for Malaysia concert i think it is Donghae.

But i just want to underline this…i’m not his biased XD, but i just want to share may fan account about him yesterday. Yesterday show for me is really a Donghae’s time. in spite of he always run to my area i have a unforgetable moment related about him before the show.

Sorry, i don’t have any picture about it TT_____TT

My queue is on VVIP gate, not many poeple i there, just a few maybe just 160 people who able get this Arena tix. I queque on the first line, so when the door open, i’m the first person in VVIP who come in to stadium.

But i didn’t do that, because theres someone more special who more need that line than me.

She’s an old grandmom, maybe about 70-80 years old, i don’t know for sure. She come from Thailand with her daughter ( her daughther look like 30-40 ) and she use a “wheel chair”. She can’t walk but i’m adore her spirit to watch Supershow and maybe she’s the oldest ELF i ever meet.

That old grandmom bring Donghae’ SM town Fan and put it on her bag. And i asked her smiley ” are u donghae’s fans ” that lady not answer but she smile brightly and nodded his head.

The staff let her come in first 15 minutes before us and help her and her daughter bring her wheel chair. It’s raining heavily before the concert, I found her daughter rub his mom’s leg a few times to make sure is still warm. I don’t where she seat. I seat in Left Arena but i didn’t see her there, maybe in another block ( there’s a concole box in the middle )

I just hope that, Donghae saw that grandmom yesterday on the concert. What’s a pity i can’t talk with her when we queue together, i really want to know why she like Donghae and also Superjunior ? I really curious with her answer, cuz the answer won’t be like another fan girl outside who absolutely will say ” He is so handsome, he can dance, bla bla bla ”

I’m sure there’s a special reason, that diffrent from another answer i heard before. And i feel sorry i can’t speak thai TT______TT. U know what ? sometimes the best part from Supershow concert is not about the boys, the song, the dance, and the music. Sometimes it’s about a “fans” from another world, another country, who walk a thousands mile go to stadium, listen their story which was tell  very hard with limited english. and u will find some interesting part that u won’t imagine before



4 thoughts on “The Oldest ELF I meet was Donghae’s fans

  1. oh wooow u got the VVIP tickets. =( HOWW T_T

    I attended SS3 Malaysia and i saw that old lady too
    and am impressed at how deep is her love for the boys.
    Coming all the way down from Thai whether by plane or car for someone that old is actually very tiring.
    She’s a true ELF. 😀

  2. @ janice…yes i got it >> he go to RITS office in SG and meet the organizer

    What a pity i can’t take a picture with her…she has been stayed in stadium early morning @____@ she in the same age with my grandmom too…but i’m surprised she can go by airplane from thailand and watch Sushow…. Sushow music is really BANGG especially for old woman like her !!!!

    yeah u right she’s a true ELF

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