In My Dream ♥

This song is my favorite song on the 4th album of Bonamana and I’m glad they sang this song in supershow. Before the song was sung, there are VCRs on the stage described when they return to the past while still a child – boy”

Throughout the song was sung, I turn off lightstick and digital camera, I really – really enjoyed the atmosphere created.

In My Dream of a song that anesthetize, the sound of the cello and piano at the beginning of the song build a mellow atmosphere coupled ocean blue light, becomes a stunning sight in my eyes

After the second part reff, they walk, split up into various directions, and Sungmin walked to an area where I sit. He tried to appreciate the songs sung, as he sometimes corrected his earphones.

He tried to look serious, but could not hide his smile when ELF in front of him lifting the yellow towel that read oppaya.

Just only in this song, ~ In My Dream~ i can see Sungmin very near and clear >< after this song, he rarely and never walk to my seat again TT___TT

What a pity, He didn’t get many line in this song, just 1-2 line. His voice is high and sweet similiar with Ryeowook voice. This song have a very deep meaning, and your eyes can become teary when hear this song.

The apologetic eyes that look at me, the voice I want to hear
Tenderly telling me not to cry

She’s walking away
Embracing another person
My chest feels like it’s being crushed under a heavy weight

I hope I sleep forever like this
I wake up with her presence still…
Although I hope I don’t dream again,
Today too it seems I fall asleep with her presence

If I could only see you again today, if I could do it again, if you came back again….
If you slept by my side just once more, if it happened again…

Yesung, Donghae, Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, and also Sungmin…

Thx u for a beautiful moment u bring that time…

I wouldn’t want to wake up If I could fall sleep…

That moment is still appear In My Dream ~


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