Perfection uncomplete doll

Huaaaa Shiwon where are you >0<

i still don’t have time to make him

i have a lot of schedule until next week

But i really want to finish it as soon as i can ><


17 thoughts on “Perfection uncomplete doll

  1. i want thas dolls too? whe did you get tham? i’m from ukraine, can i by this dolls in internet

  2. sorry? only now i understend that this dolls yor work? your amazing i want this doll too? and my fried also

  3. hi sorry i just reply you now

    this my collection, i made it by myself ?

    you from ukraine ?

    you want to buy it ? sure u can ^__^ how much the price you offer for this doll?

    cuz this is is some kind of art > for the price i give it back to u ><

  4. yeas i’m from ukraine? and know people from Russian who want buy it too ^__^
    whare you from? and i don’t know about the price

  5. we from russioa ELF site, and i post pictures, and many people ask where thay can buy it

  6. hi, this is Super Junior M?
    I Want all the super junior personnel.
    You are very creative to make this. I love your work.
    I also want to buy it from you. Can I?

    • Like what u see..this is perfection doll..

      don’t know but after i finish Siwon.maybe i plan to sell it for sure ><

  7. may i chat with you? icq or skype? i will buy all dolls “Perfection” and also 2 girls from Russia want all dolls “Perfection” maybe it will be more

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