TOO Perfection is not 100% Perfect

I found this on tumblr ~ Dandelion Dream ~

since a long time di forget about Qmi couple ><

Oww..sometimes i even didn’t realize bout this guy named Zhoumi

I Love this fan art, so realistic ! i really like the tone of color she use on the canvas

I also imagine that the concept of Suju-M is Surealis ~ why they didn’t use vampire / dracula ?

Their outfit is possible to show that “dark-concept”

But i’m a little bit annoying with Kyu’s Big Bow Tie ~ He’s turn into Rabbit in Wonderland don’t u think ?

That scraft cover his long neck and make his face more small ~ remember..Kyuhyun is Tall and have a thin Body ~

So…oooo..please don’t put that “big thing” on his neck << is forbidden !

But i have feel that, TOO Perfection is not 100% Perfect

Why they just make a mini album ? they should need more time …

It’s more better to create Full Lenght Album


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