Eunhyuk ♥ So Perfect !

Third…as my Promise >< is EUNHYUK !!!!!

Why i feel the grup atmosphere is diffrent since Eunhyuk has been cast in Suju M ?

Don’t know why, i think if there Eunhyuk inside it

The coolest Super GRup will turn into Comedian parody ><

I always laugh when he always try to look cool ~ XD

C’mon Hyukie ~ your face is similiar with Manga directory character ~ kwkwkwkwk~

I Hope Suju M dance will more powerful because Him…

If it priceless set a Monkey to join this group !

he’s dancing Machine ~ i want see him collaborate with henry and Kyuhyun ><


And what next ?

Hmmm….Ryeowook ? XD



I think with this outfit..he like Prince of Persia >0<


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