2nd is D♥ngH♥e ~


is FINISH ~~~~~~

Finally ~ i don’t believe i can make it just in 1 hour

woaaa because today is Holiday, i have a really good mood today !

The bow tie is little bit complicated

i wonder if i can make siwonnie << his outfit is the most complex part <<

Still 6 dolls left….

After this who is the next member ?

~ wkwkkwwkwk ~ i think i will make HYUKKIE ~

Couple fish can’t swim alone right >>>

Eunhyuk : My Donghae…WAIt FOR ME DARLIng !!!!!


One thought on “2nd is D♥ngH♥e ~

  1. Hehehe I like this…although for some reason (*dont kill me*) I think this doll looks A LOT like Henry XD!!!! The bow tie IS complicated :S I think you did a pretty good attempt at it nevertheless: it actually DOESN’T look like a striped octopus now!!

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