He’s jewel guy don’t u think so ?

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As a child, he was a cool, persistent kid who was born into a very religious family. In terms of genealogy, his family is part of the Jeonju Lee clan, a “royal” family. And according to facts, the Jeonju Lee clan comes from the last remaining royal family of Korea.

About Hyuk ? i don’t know exactly about him. So Badly…., i just impress by him when see his dancing skill, not for singing. But his rap is awesome < i’m not lying for this line ~ Sj music Genre now become SJ’s Funky right ? without him in the Rap’s part Sj’s Song will become Instrumental ~ kekekekeke~ One of the example is in No Other’s song. i have heard this song a hundred times, and the greatest part from this song is Eunhyuk’s Rapping line.

Maybe he on top 3 from bottom if we talk about Beauty. But for Brain and Behaviour ? u can say he’s one of the most creative thinker is SJ. Yadong mania ~ kekekekeke~ people who like yadong just like him most of them is Creative thinker, don’t under-estimate their Brain’s maping. They are great dreamer, full of inspiration of idea.

I Found this on Eunhyuk’s fans blog. Wow..don’t know Hyuk have a personal blog like this too >< i have found many SJ’s Personal blog except Shindong and Hyuk ~ ahahahahaha~ maybe both of them is not too popular. Yeah, the member have their own space in each country. This blogger write 12 things about Eunhyuk. So maybe u can know him more closer from this trivia. I don’t know, but i always say that Hyuk is really jewel guy don’t u think so ?

#1. Bed: Eunhyuk always had a preference for comfy large beds. Since he moved into the dorm with the other 12 members(his roomate is called Sungmin, the pink monster), he’s gotten used to smaller beds. Recently, he’s gotten used to an even smaller bed space. He wondered how he could sleep so well with a clingy Donghae.

#2. Food: Eunhyuk can eat anything, really. There’s no food he really despises, or anything he’s really crazy over(except strawberry milk). Practically living with Hankyung, he got used to eating Beijing fried rice for breakfast. Recently, he’s gotten used to eat next to Donghae, or else he won’t enjoy the food all that much.

#3. Gameboy: Eunhyuk had always liked soccer better than any video games or other electronic funs. Since he talked to Yesung more, he found himself buying a laptop one day(and got attached to it a lot). Recently, he’s gotten used to sneak peeks and cheer when Donghae would be playing with his gameboy.

#4. Dress: Eunhyuk always thought girls in dresses were pretty. Some were even gorgeous. Since he started participating in lots of variety shows, it was almost a daily routine to see Shindong in a dress. Recently, he’s gotten used to think “Um.. I wonder if Donghae would find me gorgeous in a dress too…”

#5. Colour: Eunhyuk has a favourite colour, and it always has been black. Since he got used to Heechul’s bickering, he’ll argue with Heechul that black is a colour and that’s it’s better than pink. Recently, he’s gotten used to like sapphire blue, because Donghae would look breathtaking with the blue balloons in the background.

#6. Cute: Eunhyuk always thought that puppies(and snails) were the cuttest thing on Earth. After seeing Ryeowook cry on Exploration of the Human Body, he had been considering putting it on his top favourite cute things. Recently, a certain Donghae’s butt has been added to his list.

#7. Elbow: Eunhyuk has always been a weird person. Since he debuted as a pro with Super Junior, he’s been enjoying himself in Idol Show with Eeteuk and Yoobin’s elbow. Recently, he’s gotten used to look at girls’s elbows. And secretly, at Donghae’s too.

#8. Radio: Eunhyuk never thought he would be animating Kiss the Radio. Since he started, he made Kangin his DJ rival and has gotten himself in numerous embarrassing talks done by his rival and other few members. Recently, he’s gotten used to this, and also to Donghae taking his side.

#9. China: Eunhyuk has always been interested in visiting other countries. Since he blabbed a lot, Siwon would often correct him if he made any spelling mistakes in mandarin(he likes chinese movies). Recently, he’s gotten used to hearing some members practicing their mandarin, and has been having a huge grudge against China for taking Donghae away from him.

#10. Voice: Eunhyuk always thought he enjoyed dancing more than singing. Since he’s been on lots of live performance, he’s been enjoying singing/rapping and listening to Kyuhyun. Recently, he’s gotten used to hearing soft whispers that belonged to Donghae to wake him up.

#11. English: Eunhyuk never thought he’d still be learning english even after he graduated school. Since english was important to have conversations with foreigners, he’d sometimes ask Kibum for help. Recently, he’s gotten used to the many “I like YOU” that escapes from Donghae’s lips.

#12. Smile: Eunhyuk’s mother would always tell him he looks the most handsome when he smiles. Since he hasn’t talked to her for a while, he was almost forgetting about what she used to say. Recently, he’s gotten used to smile whenever Donghae was near. In fact, to Eunhyuk, Donghae looks most appealing when he smiles.


One thought on “He’s jewel guy don’t u think so ?

    He's precious and very fragile (to me) , but also strong and dependable (also to me) .
    He shines brighter every time I see him (in concerts, varieties, etcs) on stage.
    I used to somehow disliked him the first time I knew about Super Junior, but now?
    I love him so much (second to Donghae) like seeing even his smile can make my day more cheerful than before.
    HYUKJAE HWAITING ! ^______^
    P.S. That Trivia is not Eunhyuk's Trivia, it's EunHae's Trivia! Look how every point of it always mentioned at least one 'Donghae' ♥ kkkk~

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