Bonamana’s Illustration

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If before i post about hand drawing, now i show u one of Illustration by computer >0<

I have learn how to make drawing like this with program’s design 2 years ago. For people like me who cannot sketch very well with hand, this tools very helpful. U just need to tracing it out one by one , layer by layer. But still, u nee sense of art, your sense will make the picture diffrent one to another.

I don’t know which program she use. But for me, i prefer use Illustrator that other software ^__^ some people maybe say Corel is more user-friendly, but for me illustrator is the best in color management.

She tracing Superjunior 4th album Repackage and she choose the difficult photo scan, that from what i see. Superjunior 4th album scan is a little bit gloomy and too many darker color like Magenta. But it’s simple than A version who have a blurry angle photoshoot.


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