Siwon ♥ Hottie

Special Pic ~ ahahahaha~ Siwonnie changing a cloth on the stage ~ LOL ~ He wear Calvin Klein white underwear  ~ hehehehe~ we can see it very clear, because he use the jeans on the hip. He strip the shirt throw it to the floor and after the song finish, he wear it again. And i’m lucky can capture the precious moment which flash very fast !

Siwon has a very nice body, especially the abs. It’s not easy can build the body until tranform into sixpack. He must keep practice and go to gym everybody, if not it will become a family pack ~ hohohoho ~

I don’t know if his mother is coming to Singapore and watch the concert. I just know Yesung, Kyuhyun and Eunhyuk mother watch on area infront of the stage, behind the grey area. But i forget in what song that Siwon jump into audience and hug an Ahjumma very tight.

I don’t know if she is his mother or just an audience, but i can make sure she is a korean. He keep play joking and tease the technician staff, and in the end, one of the technician was push to step up to the stage with SJ’s boys. On the second day of the concert, Siwon banner is fall down and hit wookie’s head ~ wkwkwkkwkwkw~ so unlucky





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