Give me all your present !

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Ok continue my fan account !

After Siwon, Yesung and Heechul now we move to Cho Kyuhyun. The magnae one < as u know he is my first biased, but now i change it to another one ~ LOL ~

Let say, i can’t see his face even he always move around on my section seat. Damn it ! i have preapared my camera but that evil magnae just show his back =____= so all of Kyu’s pic that i have taken, all of them just show her shoulder ~ what the hell with that pose ~ kekekekekekeke~

He is very attractive, run over here, over there, and more than 3 times he took camera’s fans and have a SELCA. Once he ran away to Pen A, and he grab all of the stuff and present from fans with love. ” Here..give me all your present ” he show his arm, and many fans throw their gift directly to Kyuhyun.  I can see his arm was full with many colourful present. After finish collect the present this kid ran away to backstage, maybe to put all of the gift  before comeback again to stage ><

He is very handsome, have a milky skin even not flawless like Heechul or Yesung. You can see a scar on his face even hw cover it with make up ~ LOL ~ His eyeliner mess up a bit on the show, U can see it on the LCD screen, the operator staff zoom it widely when his solo stage ~ ahahahahaha~

The most impressive part and i still remember is on opening, when SJ’s member introduce themselve by VCR. Kyuhyun is become a Prince of eygypt right ? like Firaun ? but last night on Singapore, i laugh very hard, because Kyuhyun change his outfit especially the hat ~ wkkwkwkwkw~ oh gosh…he more look like Cleopatra than price of eygypt >0<

Before the concert start, “gamers” have preapare a lot of things to celebrate his birthday. But until the end, the project is cancel, nobody hang up the banner birthday for him or sing happy birthday ~ ahahahahaha~ maybe because it is the first time for Singapore’s fans watch the supershow, so they still didn’t know what they should do, or forget because  they stuck when watch the Boys’performance  ~ LOL ~

after this i will upload the video >0< but youtube account still contain error, please wait i will be back as soon as possible ~ just wait my fancams guys..people say it was one of the best fancam in that show ~ kekekekeke~


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