♥ One Spring Day

Oh My God ~ i need more than 5 hours to upload 1 video ? The internet streaming is SUCKS ! I still have 7 video =____=

Ok, the first video i took with my camera is Ryeowook ~ one spring day ~ i use 18 x digital zoom to capture him. His stage solo is on the middle with round stage with Sungmin in guitar section. My hand shake when handle the shutter >0< but glad i can shoot the video smoothly.

Ryeowook voice is very High Pitch ~ kekekekekeke~ his voice same when he talking too, very high similiar with woman. His pitch voice more higher than me LOL ~

Voice of heaven ~ maybe u can say this ~ maybe he’s not handsome enough for some girl’s eyes, but it never mind ! Hear Ryeowook’s solo, u don’t need to see his appreance look. Just close your eyes and enjoy the melody and the song he sing. It’s like an orange Juice u’re dreaming when u have a trip on the land of desert >0<


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