” Looking for the day “


~ XD ahh..this bible boy impress me a lot with his solo stage ~

So simple, just white tshirt and jeans, but when he wear it..wooo it can be look so EXPENSIVE ~

He wear New Balance shoes when perform this song

i forget but there’s someone say that people who wear New Balance is a NICE GUY

I can’t hear the song cleary because the scream’s fans !@#$%^&

But this is a Church song if i’m not mistake XD

Sorry, but don’t bashing me ~ hahahahaha~ but i prefer his acting skill than his singing skill


He have a nice voice, husky voice, not bad, but not very good

My friend, who siwon biased say the same thing when watch his solo stage

” i’m siwon’s fans..but i don’t like his singing ~ kekekekeke “


He can sing, he can dance, but he’s more shinning on television i think…

everybody have their own part right ? and i think singing field is not too suite for him

The song is nice ~ really, his english is clear and nice to hear

i’m looking for his song ” Looking for the day “

and it’s a really touching song

u can hear it in this video


Looking For the Day Lyrics (by 3rdWaveMusic)

Every breath I take, every move I make
You’re the reason that I live
From the morning dawn to the setting sun
My life is filled with it

Pleasing offering that praises the King
Living sacrifice that gives You glory
Looking for the day to give You ceaseless praise forever
To join all the saints inside of heaven’s gates
To be in Your embrace, oh, to see Your holy face
Looking for the day to give You ceaseless praise forever


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