Jong Woon’s “mystic” on Supershow

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My seat row is 14, so it’s means the second chair from the front, so it means my seat is very near the stage >< that’s why i can capture Yesung’s pic without need to zoom my camera ~ hahahahahahaha~ I take this pic when he came to our row in the beginning of the concert, if not wrong the song is I and U

From what i see, Heechul and Yesung have the best skin ! their skin very smooth and really flawless. But Yesung for me have a unique appreance don’t u think so too ? his look is like a PAINTING illustration. I’m an artist, i love art very much, so sometimes i see a Guy from diffrent opinion~ kekekekeke~

When everyone more prefer say Heechul, Kyuhyun, Siwon , bla bla bla is the most handsome member, i more choose Yesung and Eunhyukie ~ nya nya nya ~ boo~ hoo~ A little weird ? maybe, but for me, Jong Woon have a unique face, his face look like a “black and white” chinese painting, have an art style, and have something that u can’t find in anyone faces.

It has magic, own spell, once u see his eyes and smile, there’s have some “mystic” that can pull u inside him. He’s not one of handsome member, Siwon and Heechul is more handsome ~ hehehehehhe~ but once again, I like Jong Woon more than the others.

He’s not Hyper, but not calm too, he did everything according to measure. Know how to put hisself, when the time to shine on stage or when the right time to fade. So, as long as you watch him in concert yesterday, it is very difficult to see wherea he was if s not his solo part.

In this pic, he always look to upside of the audience ~ zzzzzz~ i don’t know what he look over there, he didn’t move and just smile. What i heard is, Jong Woon have sixth sense ability, he can see than anyonce can’t, so it’s not surprise if everybody say, Yesung from Superjunior is have a weird characteristic and personality.

That’s why…for his future’s girl, maybe u guys can note this. If u have a Boyfriend like Jong Woon..aahh..u can’t LIE ~ cuz he absolutely can find it and know it very easy ! This person can read your mind even you’re not talking !



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