I just know now that Heechul is a MAN !

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From Jong Woon, let’s move to Kim Chie Hell ~ ahahahahaha~ my niece is live at State, and she  can’t say Heechul name correctly, when i teach her to spell Kim~Hee ~ Chul ~ she always say Kim Chie Hell..so whatever ~ ahahahahha~

he have a really really flwaless white beauty. It make sense if he say he is White Skin Kim Heechul ~ and yes he is…he have very PERFECT SKIN ! i’m not joking, but i never see a boy who have such a smooth skin like he was. He really make all of woman in this world SUPER ENVY !

Heechul very handsome on that night, very manly i mean, he look really great with that hair cut. I’m joking with my friend who is Heenim big fans~ petals~ ” hey…i just know now that Heechul is a MAN ” ~ kekekekekke~ But seriously, i think all of this time Heechul is handsome, but more look like a cinderella princess, Flower Boy ~

But that night..he look like a PRINCE charming. Even many Kyuhyun fans on my row scream and say that Heechul Handsome more that their idol member ~ ahahahaha~ sorry Kyu, but honestly..Heechul get 1 point plus than u XD

Heechul so friendly and attractive that night. He close to fans, and that  red flower, u see that red flower ? He took it from a fan girl who standing on Pen A. As you know the distance between stage and the pen A is quite huge, Heechul need to grab it until half stand to the floor to take the flower from fans ><

And that Scraft ? it’s Indonesian Scraft Batik. He grab it from fans without permission ~ hahahahaha~ and he wear it around his neck, i don’t know if he give it back to his fans or not. But i think Heechul like that scraft very much. The motive is unique, maybe he can’t find it in Korea ..~ ahhahahaha~ who knows ?


2 thoughts on “I just know now that Heechul is a MAN !

  1. hi abo! are you japanese? i like your blog. its really realistic and you write it from the heart. No offense but i think you need a little work on your grammar and spelling but over all, i LIKE all your blogs.

    • noo i’m not japanese ahahahahah~
      i’m mix 🙂 but i’m asia ^___^
      my grammar is mess..u can read it and i’m sure u know it ><
      just try my best to write it..my highest score in school just 6.5 for english ~ ahahahahha~

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