Boo~ Hoo ~ Hello Singapore

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Boo~ Hoo ~ Hello Singapore ~ This is my First time i went to Singapore since 12 years ago. And yeah..a lot of thing has change ~ i can’t recognize about “new” Singapore now >< very diffrent, the same thing i always remember and still same just that Lion mermaid Statue ~ that Merlion ( this correct ? ) ~ ahahahahhaha~

i went to Singapore for 3 days 2 night. The aim of my journey is = WATCHING SUPERSHOW >< only Supershow Concert the only thing that can make me fly away to Singapore. I’m not a person who will go to some place without reason ~ kekekekkeke~ i don’t like shopping, my quote of life is ” i buy what i need” …so until now, i just enjoy a window shopping without buying something ><

I never imagine will step my foot in Changi airport. Singapore is not my destination’s country ~ hehehehehe~ i prefer go to Bangkok than this country for sure. But because, that Supershow concert…oh God…let me go to Singapore just for a moment ^__^ and yes…i arrive safely in Changi and enjoy my short a journey in Singapore for 1 night ~ kekekekeke~

In Friday, not many thing i can do =___= is already 15.00 pm i arrive at hotel, and just have a few time to have some trip around an interesting place in Singapore. I take MRT tahn a bus, and the rest of it….i use my own feet , walking on pedestrian. So don’t surprise half of my photo, all of them is NIGHT scene ^__^

Lost ? ahahahaha I’M LOST ! i can’t read MRT map ~ kekekekekeke~ so i use my singlish skill ~ wkkwkwkwkw~ to ask the direction to every person i meet on the street. All of my photo i took them on RAFFLES xixixxiixixi. After that we go to Swiss hotel ~ zzzzzz~

u Know Swiss Hotel ? this is the hotel where the boys stayed on SG. If not because my friend push me go down there, i wouldn’t spent 2 hours of my time sleep on the hotel lounge, see people~ a young girl from Malay, thai, and bla bla bla speak in many diffrent language until midnight just to wait the SJ appear ~ ( oh c’mmon guys..they won’t take the elevator go down to lobby meet all of u ! they have sleep and rest already ! )

And in the end, we just meet the manager and the staff =___= as you know, this is my second time i wait the boys on Hotel ~ wkkwkwkwkwkw~ i do the same thing in Malaysia because my friend too >< oh God..really is so a shameful thing ~ huhuhuhuhu~ really don’t wanna do that anymore. Thanks to God we didn’t being expelled by the security ~ hahahahahha~


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