♥ Supershow 3

Ok…first i want to say that ~ hahahahaha~ i can’t write a fan.account in english ~ kekekekekeke~ so i will try my best to write it on my “little little english “.

I went to Supershow 3 in Singapore Indoor Stadium and my first impression of this stadium is ~ wowww~ it’s cool, big and one of the best stadium concert i ever seen. So Clean ! very diffrent with the satdion in my country ~ i think the goverment must renew the stadion and make it bigger like this ~ kwkwkwkwkw~

i arrive at stadion from my hotel in Bugis at 14.00 pm. It cost SGD8 for the TAXI fee ~ kekekekkeke~ when i’m arrive, many fans has gathered already and very crowded @___@ the unique things is, the entrance gate to the hall concert is on 2nd floor, we must use elevator to get there beside the stair.

Many fansclub spread all around of the stadium. Let see what i have get, a present from many fansite ~ kekekekeke~ i got i bunch of Wookie’s photo from Ryeosomnia ? a banner from justgyuhyun and 2kyuhyun ~ wkkwkwkwkw~ Yesung melody give me many banner, they said to hang it up when yesung solo but in real nobody hang in up because they focus take a photo and forget about the project , same with me  ~ ahahahhahaha~

Ah, Heechul banner…i got it too >< and also with Kangin black banner. I see some fans bring a huge banner with Leeteuk’s picture complete with white wings ~ olalalalala~ is so big ! maybe 5 meters ( i don’t know how they bring it on the airport )

I bring my Camera. But this is one of my disaster in stadium =____= they say they didn’t allowed fans bring the camera inside the stadium ! WTF ~ so how about my camera ? there no Locker there ! OEMJI ~  but thanks god ! i can hide it on a black plastic that have fullfill with Torchlight ~ kwkwkwkwkw~ ah i forget to say, i’m one of the leader section in this concert, so i have job to give a material project to all fans in my section ~ kekekekeke~

But jerk…. the security didn;t check all of our luggage ! thay just use a penlight to see inside our bag, and let use come in ~ wkkwwkwkw~ but i’m envy with the bodyguard in section beside me……arrghhh they have a “handsome” staff guard ~ >< in my section…..hisss is Old Lady !!!!!!

shitt i really want to exchange to that young boy staff ~ ( if i see him…his face similiar with Minho ~ Shinee member LOL ~  ) and he can joking with the fans, i see many fan girl tease him and he smile and laugh happily. And back to my section, aisshh..the old lady still set a face without expression…so LAME ~


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