I really Miss the world…

I really miss the world buy why everything  just passed away without  a calm who approached a shade of my heart.

My soul spirit in this world is timeless, never cracked by the time, even the world is ignoring me didn’t same like before.

I don’t really care if they want to comeback, all of the things just keep’in the room of my heart




Roughly, I found this “writing” on the street by pass

Do u know who is the secret-writer who wrote this quote ?

An Old Man ~ CRAZY people ~

Crazy people in the real sense. Crazy people!

He writes anywhere along the sidewalk. Lots of writing.

Really a “fun afternoon poetry” reading this romance’s poem

From some writings that I read, I still can’t capture the contents of his heart clearly. Was he disappointed with his country ? Or he became frustrated because the abandoned lover? Did not know is … Nobody cares, they can only go alone.

I do not know what ‘s in his mind wanted to convey to the ‘world’ this?
For some reason I really think this man actually become more intelligent than some of the members of Parliament who were honorable or high officials of this country.



i learn a lot from my crayon pastel ….Some are sharp, some are beautiful, all are different colors; but they all have to learn to live in the same box…




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