For some reason, I hate rain

For some reason, I hate rain.
Okaaaay, I really love looking at the rain. Refreshing rain. Rain is beautiful.
But as I’ve said, sometimes I hate the rain. Rain makes the fog, I could not see around me clearly. Especially if it rains heavily. Very heavy.

A few days ago, ‘rain’ down.
And I do not know what’s in my head at the time, I break through the blind. Like crashing and misty rain storm without any preparation. I hit all that stop me. I hit it because I can not see around me clearly.

‘Rain shook my feelings at that time. Any negative feeling which has long been collected was finding a way out and run away from me. I’m out of control. For the first time in such a long time, I opened my feelings a little, at the wrong time and wrong moment. But the most painful is that I reveal it to the wrong people.

A few days later, I dare say if I miss the three of us.
The three of us … I realized we were really amazing. The three of us are great. The three of us differ. The three of us protect each other. The three of us try to be happy behind our secrets.

Should I sacrifice the three of us only for the RAIN that never stops?
If  my rain did not want to stop, should I through it away? I can not stand by and enjoy the ‘rain’ itself alone, stand up and feel the drops of ‘rain’ hit my body.

There’s always hope behind everything. Includes behind my rain.  I’m just going to try to wait, until the fog thinned and the droplets ‘rain’ is no longer exist. I want to see the rainbow and the sun.

Rain, rain, go away. Come again another day. All the world is waiting for the sun. For all the hurt that I caused, I say sorry. And for all the understanding and patience, I say thank you. I know I can not be separated too long from you.



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