We don’t have a stock of IDOL here


KBS Gayo Daejun 2009

i envy people who live in Korea~ they have so many entertaintment

diffrent with my country, lack of artist

But we’re people who don’t really care about scandal

many artist here married and get divorce more than once

Have sex scandal, and include criminality

~but they still exist in this industry ~

we just see talent, as long as u have talent and ability

we don’t care about your personal life, about your GF / BF, about your family

in short sentence it’s means that

~ahahhahahaha~ we don’t have a stock of IDOL here ~



Leeteuk with red jersey and whote hat ~

I Like the color and a hairstyle ~ it’s cool don’t u think ?


One thought on “We don’t have a stock of IDOL here

  1. yeah u’r right…..
    as long as their song is ear catchy, easy listening, easy remembering, we can still found them on tv every morning….
    even though they are having babies without married, or caught on dope, or even having sex tape scandal….hell yeah….they all still showed up like there’s nothing happen….
    i’m tired and sick with my own celebrity….

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