B.A.N.G.S ♥





i’m not VIP ~ XD but i’m enjoy make them, i love the outfit ~ COLOR POWER ~ like sweet candy

But, when i see the result, something flash in my mind


arghh.. i still need practice more and more


The contour’s face still not perfect..heuu

Taeyang ~ i need a girl ~ but i prefer his wedding dress ~
but i just listen the English version, the korean one ?
~ ahahahaha until now i still not hear it
TOP or Daesung ?
kekekekekeke~ i can’t see the diffrent >0<
This is G-Dragon ~ i love his solo album ~ excellent !
he will be a great singer and producer someday
maybe open an ebtertaintment ?
who knows ? he deserve it because he have a talent
he the most handsome member in Big Bang i think
He have a very coll eyes and deep eyebrows




2 thoughts on “B.A.N.G.S ♥

  1. wwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i want like this T__T =”””””””””””””””””””(

  2. wwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i want like this T__T =”””””””””””””””””””(

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