Omonaaa ~ it’s soooo Cuteeeeeeee ~  supershow 2 Jjang XD

I have watch their concert in Malaysia last year ! That’s my first time i saw a concert music and it’s totally GREAT

Thank you guys for your hardwork and perfromance >0<

i really have a very Great Time for 3 hours. Until now, i still can’t forget about the stage

i watch it with my mom on the left stage

and that’s my first regret…

” argh..why i don’t have a biased ?” i just have 2 eyes, but i mast split it into 10 point of view ~

zzz…can u imagine how confuse i am ?

Yesung is front of my eyes, singing there, but on LCD they shoot Eunhyuk dance @#$%^& ~ and on my

left side..SHIT ! Heechul play wit water gun !

SUCKS ~ which one i must see ?

and yess….i forgot turn off my phone ! my phone always “ring ding dong” get incoming alert from my

friend who push me to turn on the loud speaker

I turn it on, let her hear the sound in concert, but Jerks in the end my payment bill out ~


You know the total cost of it ? They charge me very duper expensive, the price same with 1 Tix Price ~

olalalalala~ my parents angry because of that TT____TT so from now on i learn something important

when watch concert music

TURN OFF your PHONE ~ and don’t shoot or taken Picture with CAMERA

just ENJOY the concert guys ! 3 hours show is like a Flash of minute ~ very fast ~ when u realise and open

your eyes, everything is finish



Sorry, but truthfully, i more like the Supershow 1 concept ~ with all white ~ kekekeke~ but compare to Supershow 3,

this Sushow 2 is Much much better ~


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