Sorry Sorry from Bliss ~

Everybody call her Bliss ~ even her blog name is Rodal404~ I don’t know this person in personal. who is she ? How old is she ? what’s her name ? i just know she is korea ^__^  and she is CLAY Artist ~ XD

I think she quite famous among the ELF ~ her artwork has been published in many blog and forum fansite. Yeah ~ she’s K-Elf ~ maybe she is an ELF too ^__^ she have many Superjunior doll post on her naver blog.

Her artwork is very Awesome ~ and you right ! she is my “online teacher” ~ kekekekekeke~ i start make a clay because her too, start when i see this




COOL isn’t it ! ~ She’s very FAST ~ for me, i just can make 1 doll in 2 hours. And you know what ? sometimes i regret being SJ fans



Why ?


They have TOO MANY Member  ~~~ @#$%^&*

can u Imagine ? u must make 13 dolls ? ~ ahahahahhaha~

honestly, i never make 1 set of SJ ~ is too tired make it 1 by 1 until 13 member ~ xixixixixixi ~






COMPLETE SET ^__^ ~ Soemday if i have time, i want to complete my collection too >0<









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