Friends WON’T last forever

I walking to my neighbour blog, and found this. I read it and thinking about it for a moment. i love how seh quote this line

All my life, I never meet any really really good friends. They all have weakness. Yeah, I know NOBODY’S PERFECT but, at least, why don’t they try to be a good friend? Why they always stab me behind, lie to me, yeah, like use me as they servant??

This girl share her experience with a word of ~FRIEND~ she explain with 11 memorable and sweet word

Ordinary friends

♫ They just ORDINARY friends, they’re not our enemy, and they’re not our best friend, too. We don’t know much about them, We just talk to them if we need to, We don’t really care about them, yeah, just a normal friend. Nothing special.

‘Ordinary-Confusing’ Friends

♫ They just ordinary friends, but they’re very confusing. They usually stab us behind, even they don’t know anything about us. They’re not our close friend, they know nothing, but they’ve already say bad things about us, even that’s not actually right. They’re confusing because they do something useless like this.

Bestfriend outside, Liar inside

♫ They say they’re our bestfriend. On the beginning, they were very kind to us. We didn’t know they’re liars. But day after day, they told us ‘their stories’ that unbelievable. Such as, they said they have invisible correction pen in their home, (IMPOSSIBLE) , and when we need that correction pen, we asked them to bring it the next day, they soon said that they didn’t have it. And then I said: “You said that you have it, why now you say that you don’t have it?” and then they replied: “I never say that”. (this is based from my experience)

Bestfriend outside, Backstabber inside

♫ they’re our bestfriend, but actually they’re not. They like to tell our weakness to other people, and they like to tell your secrets to others even they’ve promised to you before. They just be our bestfriend to know all about us and gossiping it.

Bestfriend For A While

♫ Yeah, they’re good friends, they’re very kind, and they’re our best friends. But, after we leave them, we don’t meet them for 1 year, for example, What happened?? They’re not our bestfriends anymore. They have another best friends and we just become their ordinary friends. I believe many people ever been like this.

Bestfriend, but Copycater

♫ They’re our bestfriend. They like to help us. They’re kind, caring, and honest. But one thing that I don’t like from them, THEY ARE COPYCATERS. They like to copy whatever we talk, we do, we wear, and anything. Without any permission from us. I have many friends like this.

Mr/Ms Sorry

♫ They’re our bestfriend. But, they always do something we don’t like, they do that REPEATLY, for thousand times, and always say: “sorry” “sorry” until you bored.


♫ They like to use you as their servant, if you don’t want, you will get something bad later.

Good inside

♫ Maybe they’re a little bit annoying, but actually they’re the real friends that we are looking for. They just shy to show the REAL them.

Good Friend

♫ They’ll ready at everytime to help us, they’re kind, they don’t like to make problems with you, but they still not your bestfriends, because you still not sure about them. You afraid that they are just the same like the other bad friends.

Hard-to-find Friends

♫ They’re perfect and hard to find. They won’t forget you. They’ll be with you always, They’re there if you need them, they keep secrets, they honest, and they don’t forget your birthday. They like to make something makes you happy, surprised, and also they understand you. All the best. I never meet friend like this. This type of friend is hard to find, but NOTHING IMPOSSIBLE if you try to find them 😉

i want give her 5 star ~ u know..until know i never have HARD-to-find-friends ~ i have a friend of mine. We have together since junior high school, and until now, it has been 10 years we’re being a friend. But after we graduate to university, we apart, just contact via phone and call but just until 2 years….now we just say “Hi friend” ~

Yeah..Best Friend of a While ~or just a Good Friend ~ all of my friends just on this type.

Am i sad ? hmm.. i think no..because i’m not a ~Good BestFriend ~ either ~ as a friend i’m not a perfect too >< i acknowledge it, sometimes i forget about my friend’s birthday ~

But if i can pray to GOD ~ i know is a little bit impposible to find a ~Hard-to-find Friends~

But God..someday..i hope i find it one….

i hope i can find a ~Hard-to-find Friends~

in someone that will be my soul

my future husband…


4 thoughts on “Friends WON’T last forever

  1. F*** FRIENDS I SAY. Forgot where i heard this but ‘they are just a gift you give yourself sometimes good and bad and like all gift some are lost in a few years for any unexpected reason and while some stay’. It sad after all these year parting with them felt like a little family but eh life is life. Been told that when i was younger so i see. But im sorry for you if you were’nt ever told that ><" must have been a real shock. But 1 thing you need to remember is a true friend will ACT not THINK if anything goes wrong with you. But yeah sometimes they might just do that to suck up to you for whatever reason. SO YEAH friend are so @$#%$#^$#%#%…… so if you ever have a friend don't be to friendly as in give them alot of love (not as in sexually or kissing-pashing) just see them as a person you know. If they show that they're true friend and you want to accept them then its another risk to take.. to find a good friend who will brighten your life you'll need to go through some pain. nothing is free 😦 i( im not trying to bring you down or anything though..) im where your at right now lol.

  2. Sorry I’m tired so did not read all of the above.
    My advice is be what you want others to be. List your criticisms of your friends. Where in life are you like them. Sort it out. They will change or leave your life and better friends come. The person you can change is yourself. Do your best and good

  3. i rely think that is very difficult to find a truth friend
    and i know that i don’t have a truth friend and i will not
    because the friends are like stares you don’t even see them but you know that they are always there
    and all of people are friend till they prove other thing

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