I Miss my Kyukie…




Today is 7 January 2011…i hope i can loop like a rabbit in this year >0< but i have a diffrent wish for 2011. God if u hear my prayer on 1/1/2011 or 11/1/2011, oh pliss…can u give me “someone” ~ ahahahahaha~ but it has been 23 years but i stay Single ? oh what a mess of life ! Like Utada Hikaru’s song…i need ” Flavour of life” !

Ah never mind..life is still going forward isn’t it ~ everybody in this world have their “pairing” ~ i’m sure enough on the diffrent side of the world, my soulmate is walking and thinking about me ~ But i can’t stop thinking bout u girl..” ~ LOL

But i miss my genk on twitter ~ kekekekke~ we’re 5 ~ but we live apart each other~ both of them is very far far away ~ i meet them accidentally via online  ~but i prefer call it “destiny” .

They’re nice, welcomed, and warm~hearted, ah someday i really want to meet each other in personal >0<

Cuz, people say friends is like treasure right ? keep it when u find it ~ so i try to keep our friendship ^__^ don’t know until when ? something the bored feel is appear ~ but for me it’s natural feeling. But really, i miss them during this season. From december to January why i feel they’re leave me behind TT__TT ~ huuu so sad…

Maybe they’re busy ? yeah maybe, but i hope not too long ~ i want play again with them in twitter ~ it’s my vitamin when i’m stay alone in the office and clerical work that i really hate !


i Hate my job ~ but nothing i can do with it ~ just accept~ looking for job is hard this day, i have stay more than 4 years in the same place. But i think in this rebbit year i can jump forward to another world.

Hey guys, Kyukie genk ! i really miss u all…are u guys miss me too ? i hope we have a same feeling each other. Let’s smile together again, playing a joke, mocking each other ~ I miss our “togetherness”

Come back quickly guys…I’m waiting ^__^



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