My first piece is Hyukkie ^__^

This blog maybe become my portfolio !

i Love ART..that’s my PASSION !

let’s see….i can drawing but not good enough ~ kekekekeke~

i can dance and play music..but sucks in singing..don’t ask me to sing, my high score in singing class is 5 ~ ahahahhahaha~

But today i really LOVE ~ Clay Art ~ fufufufufu ~

Yeah..i have learn make and study hard about Clay world !

u know…it’s so fun when with our own hand we can make a beautiful creature, our own world !


Ah..i forgot when i make this …

Eunhyuk is my first handmade training ~ kekekekkeke~

Suju’s Machine Dance ~ not handsome like the others, but like Picasso painting…he unique, and complicated ~ kekekeke~


That Sorry Sorry ver B, that’s my first original SJ’s album i ever buy ! ~ OMG XD i don’t know if original Cd is very EXPENSIVE !  i usually download their song illegally ^__^

But why i choose Hyukkie between the other 12 members?

off course because his style !

trust me ! his style is the most trendy among the others !

i don’t really like the Version B concept..too old i think..

but just Hyukkie have a Teenager and fresh feeling ! i love his costume in this booklet !

the hardest part when make it?

~ahahahhahaha~ his SHIRT  ! Oh my gOD ~ that “chess-board” shirt ~ i hate make the strip one by one ~

oh and also the hair !..geezz..i nee 1 hour to glue it one by one !

But believe it or not ~ this “Hyukkie” is the Customer’s top favourite >0<

Oh hyukkie.. you really make my day ….


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