Hello World !

6 January 2010

Ah Finally ~ after 3 years blogging i can make my own blog >0<

But this is not my first blog, before i have write and build a fan-blog for 3 years ^__^ That blog is talk about my favourite K-pop Boyband ~ Yeah..i really love Superjunior ^__^ ~ ahahahhaha~ maybe they’re the first and the last Kpop fandom i adore to. I Never get a “fever craze” like this before, but this boys can make me “fainted” on the first sight ^__^

They open my “journey of life” for  once ~ because of them i can found my passion and something that i really love and work with passion on it.

Maybe i’m not a crazy fan or stalker or fanatic fans like outside there. I’m just ordinary girl…really..i just love them on the stage, but no have biased >0<…i just LOVE them when they’re on the stage. They enjoy their performance and SMILE so fun. It makes me wonder….

” Hey..someday i want be like them too…doing soemthing i love with a lot of effort and passion, it’s fun and happy right “

Really, they’re my inspiration and maybe i can say they’re my “mentor”. If i can meet them someday, the first thing i wanna say is THANK YOU ~ thanks a lot guys, for 3 years u have make me right now 0__0 i got a lot of thing because of you, and nothing i can say anymore except “Thank you” from my heart…


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