4 New dolls !

image image 

I remember when see this leeteuk ( yeahh after Hyukkie now Leeteuk ! i love Eun-Teuk couple ) gezz..they’re the dorky
one !
Australian fans order this from me ><
yes Aussie baby…land where koala and kanggoroo Live !
she ( i’m sure that fans ia a fan-girl ) order this..
” can u make Leeteuk ver B “
“yes no problem..”
so after that i make it and then send via EMS
She receive it, and contact me again ><
she order 2 more dolls again, because she scare broke it and want a duplicate of this  keychain’s doll
ahh..she really nice customer after that she order again now is
Heechul and Wonnie !
image image 

But for this Hee-Won..i throught a hard time make it
the truth is.. i’m not a dilligent girl ~ kekekekeke~ i can bear with hetic schedule and i just make it if i want to. But if i’m
not have the MOOD, i’ll won’t continue.
i make 4 dolls in a very short time ><
i still not forget
i stay wake up until 4 in the morning to finish it ~ and send it to China !
hmm… i forgot when, but it’s near Super Show Date ~ ahahahahhaha~

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